putting purpose at the core.

We're unlocking potential to advance brands with a cause.

Two people togehter holding a plant in their hands

Future is something you can start working on today. 

KORE is your accompanying consulting partner for a purpose-based, authentic & holistic evolution of your brand and organization. It is our ambition to inspire and enable better, more sustainable choices by providing clarity and orientation.

We work with future-focused leaders as they aspire to push the boundaries of „business-as-usual“ towards a new, more sustainable business approach, one that puts purpose at the core of their strategy and organization. 

KORE is not a conventional consultancy. We do not intend to become one. KORE is like mental floss at work…

"The current situation demonstrates that for too long we've solely relied on our know-HOW
Those who want to successfully and sustainably shape the future also need to consequently address the  know-WHY."

Christian Langer,
Founder & Managing Director — KORE

Putting your attention to your intention.

Purpose is in the process of changing the business world  like digital transformation has done. One can either watch passively as competition is gaining momentum – or actively drive changes. We're the partner for you if you want to act value-based and with purpose. If you want to build your business & brand not only on a financially winning strategy, yet also on sustainability, diversity and inclusion. If you want to meet the demands of future generations while taking care of today's generation.

From the practice for the practice.

Our consultants are senior change experts and experienced business leaders. Collectively, we have worked with leading brands and organizations of all shapes and sizes across a variety of industries and continents.

For leaders by leaders.

As experienced board members, we know both sides of the table and can therefore truly understand your C-level issues & challenges. We'll be there for you – personally & at eye level.

When impact counts.

We inspire & support those who want to transform themselves, their organizations, their brands & businesses with impact. Those who want to contribute to a better future. You deserve clarity & orientation, not slide decks.

When it comes to competence.

We're not experts in everything.  Quite a few consultants promise you to be exactly that. Not us. What we promise you:  When it comes to the core of your brand & organisation, we are the experts. We live & breathe purpose. No more – and no less.

get to know us.
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"For us to achieve our goals, you – as our partner – have to first achieve yours."

We know that each company works differently, and no industry is the same.

We bring our history, approach and experience as building blocks. Together we uncover the best means of partnering and getting to your goals. We co-create or lead the entire process, and we make sure to build on what is already there so that your strategy is owned and powered.

We'd love to learn about your challenges and work with you towards shared success.